Blue Dolphins - Cyrtocara moorii

Just bringing you another- African Cichlid - Species Highlight In Tank - S.H.I.T. (TM). VeryFishe.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please ...

African Cichlids: Cyrtocara Moorii (Blue Dolphins)

Just a short video on my 3 big male dolphins and 2 small fellas. Hope you like it. Thanks.

Blue Dolphin cichlids ( Cyrtocara Moorii) group of 4 - Are they all females???

Blue dolphin cichlids swimming and eating with the rest of the gang. The largest of the four is a female and she dropped some ...

Cyrtocara Moorii | Malawi Blue Dolphin | Blue Dolphin Cichlid | African Cichlid Species

African Cichlid Species Profiles Series - Cyrtocara Moorii Cyrtocara Moorii is a beautiful, mild-tempered fish that is a delight to ...

Cyrtocara Moorii - AQUAMARKET

Cyrtocara Moorii juveniles de 6 a 8cm.

Cyrtocara moorii - Malawi Blue Dolphin spawning

My two year old Malawi Blue Dolphin pair is spawning again.

Pheno Cichlid and Cyrtocara Moorii Blue Dolphin cichlids in Hap Tank

Phenochilus Tanzania is a malawi Hap cichlid which gets beautiful as it ages, when young looks like a regular hap or Electra ...

Cyrtocara Moorii Cichlid Malawi Blue Dolphin Hap 4k

Welcome to HEAPAQUATICS This is a video of my c. moorii Malawi dolphin cichlid. This fish is a great edition to the african cichlid ...

Cyrtocara moorii (Blue Dolphin) - breeding dance

Saturday morning, in a corner of my tank, blue dolphins of Malawi started to dance...

Cyrtocara Moorii Malawi Blue Dolphin African cichlid

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Cyrtocara Moorii Spawning | Malawi Blue Dolphin Spawning

Cyrtocara Moorii as know as Blue Dolphin spawning behavior Cyrtocara moorii is the only member of its genus — although, ...

Cyrtocara Moorii Spawning | Malawi Blue Dolphin Spawning

The Blue Moorii is polygamous in nature and they form a matriarchal family. This cichlid is not easy to bred in captivity.

Cyrtocara moorii Blue Dolphin Frontosa Burundi

Cyrtocara moorii Blue Dolphin Frontosa Burundi.

Cyrtocara moorii "Blue Dolphin"

My nice pair of Blue Dolphins.

Cyrtocara moorii, Golfino do Malawi - Falando um pouco dessa espécie.

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REPRODUTOR 18 - 20 cm MATRIZ 14 - 15 cm.

Cyrtocara Moorii

Cyrtocara moorii Blue Dolphin.

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