About the online-TV project on your website

If you have your own site or blog, you can dignify it by getting a TV-player, with the help of which all of the users of your website can watch more than 100 TV channels online absolutely free of charge!

Service "Online-TV for your website" gives you an opportunity to make your site more interesting for visitors, to hold visitor’s attention for a longer time and to make your website memorable and more popular.

The online-TV audience increases from year to year and you can easily attract the new audience to your website, who will memorize the website’s address and will regularly visit it afterwards.

The content of the channels is quite vast: informative TV-channels, news TV-channels, sport TV-channels, movie TV-channels, TV-channels for children, musical TV-channels, entertainment and regional TV-channels. All the open entry TV-channels.

You don’t have to collect the links on the TV-streams on the Internet, which will stop working soon anyway. The system will do it for you.Online TV for your website" automatically. All you need to do - is to place the player’s code on your website.

It’s very easy to install the online TV player:
- choose the look of the player, which fits the design of your website
- choose the language for your website’s audience;
- bring in your email-address (email is used only for the feedback);
- get the code;
- insert the code you’ve got into any place of the site/blog you want.

At the present time the service make broadcasts for the English- and Russian-speaking audience and in the Ukrainian language also.

Online TV package in Russian:
- More than 100 TV channels.
- All the text of player’s interface is in Russian. Your users will be able to view the Russian-language channels only.

Online TV package in English:
- More than 100 TV channels.
- All the text of player’s interface is in English. Your users will be able to view the English-language channels only.

Online TV package in Ukrainian:
- More than 20 TV channels + more than 100 Russian-language TV channels.
- The interface of the Ukrainian package – in Ukrainian. All the Ukrainian and all the Russian channels are being broadcasted. The Ukrainian channels occupy the first places in the list of categories of the channels.

Get the code of the free online TV player right now.

Online-TV Player will look like that:

Free service "Online television on your website" for you!!!