To Advertisers

"Television for your website" – the absolutely free service of the online TV broadcasts on the Internet. Online TV Player is already present on the thousands of sites and blogs on the Internet. Our viewers are the active and the experienced Internet users. The daily audience numbers more than 200 thousand viewers.

The capabilities of the system allow to cover the widest possible audience of different age categories. The advertising opportunities are very vast – from the text block of ads or banner to the proper video insertion.

The advertisement positioning is a rapidly growing segment of the advertisement market, the popularity of which increases by 40 % every year. Only video advertisements give the customer an opportunity to get the fast feedback from viewers and the information presented as bright visual representations and sound effects is the most memorable and acceptable for the audience it was aimed at.

The TV broadcasts are daily viewed by more than 200.000 people, and each of them switches between 5-10 TV channels. The majority of the Online TV broadcast users spend considerable amount of time watching TV while being “online” for a prolonged period of time. The audience is defined by a language package which the user views. At the present time the TV-channels in English, Russian and Ukrainian are being broadcasted.

There’s a geographical, language and other targeting available.

There’s a monitoring panel of the advertising company in the system, in which the information about the quantity of the views and the switches to the site of the advertiser in the online mode is displayed.

Advertising opportunities:

Video advertisements
The Standard video insertion with the duration of 30 seconds, which is displayed to the user while switching the TV channel.

Text block of ads
The text blocks of ads, which pop up on the visible area of the TV screen. The blocks are located at the top or at the bottom of the visible area of the TV player.

Picture box
The advertising picture box, which pops up on the visible area of the TV screen. The picture boxes are located on the left, right, at the top or at the bottom of the TV Player.

Banner Advertising
When switching the channels with the help of the menu the service allows the distribution of the banners with dimensions of 468х60.

If you make up your mind to set up an advertising campaign – please contact our managers and they will offer you the appropriate variant which will meet all your requirements.

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